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Junk food for thought.

Let’s suppose for arguments sake that we are all living in a simulation, what are dreams then? I don’t want to make too many parallels to The Matrix films but it is incredibly difficult in year X.

I had a thought last night that dreams could be the lack of appropriate processing power to handle the complexity of the human brain, as such we’re filling in the blanks with the visuals we’ve experienced to help us through life in a sort of destiny spirit guide type way. A danger sense in an abstract way.

I am completely certain this would fall apart under any sensible scrutiny whatsoever but I think it’s just a fun thought, it’s not destiny or fate; it’s programming.


You know I had to do it to ’em.

I went ahead and deleted 28 posts from my blog, archive? Previous posts in any case, most of that shit was incessant whining and just generally unpleasant to read on my part. I don’t want to submit others to that garbage so I got rid of them, or at the very least I might privatize them. For posterity if anything.

Instead, here is a picture of beloved Internet star, Lord of the Toilet and the goodest of honky tooty catty bois, Elmo the Cat A.K.A. Mr. PeePee.


He is good and he is sweet,
and he has nice feet.
Beep beep.


be kind


Hey all. Back at it again with another post.

What’s that? That’s the entire point of WordPress? Why yes, how very astute of you, gold stars all ’round! jk jk 😉

It’s not so much that I am writing but instead the frequency of said writing. I tend to get sidetracked… A lot! Which I’m sure you’ll notice, especially given that my last post was… /checks/ the 28th of April and before that, who the hecky even knows? I suspect I may even have undiagnosed ADD but that’s another post for future Connor.

For now, to the crux of this post. My trouble with manufacturing ideas.

Every time I make an attempt to restart my writing habits, it always happens. The ideas or concepts, they just don’t come to me. Four or five times now I have tried this & four or five times now it ended the same. Even this post for example, just wanted to CTRL-A and delete the whole thing. I suspect it’s the perfectionist in me or just sheer laziness but I often tend to delete merely the beginnings of things before my writing gains any traction and I do realize quite ironically killing ideas before they have a chance to even be born.

I also realize creatively that I need to actually push through that mindset and just produce something. It can only get better with time but what am I gonna do about it?

/shrugs/ idhunnoprollynuttin

Problem for future Connor again, you’re gonna be hearing a lot about him I fear… For now though, I think this is enough to be getting on with and proving I am somewhat sticking to my word of giving this another try, I used to like writing. More will come, in the meantime, stay classy.


be kind,

P.S. Should I alter my tags? Are there more appropriate categories I should use instead or are the ones I’m using fine for now? Let me know.

Four years, four goddamn years I haven’t posted anything here.

More for my own peace of mind than an actual audience but still, on the off-chance someone does actually read this. Hello there stranger!

who this guy:
My name is Connor, a quite tall Scottish person with a few disabilities and firm passion for media; movies, music, games & sometimes a book. I like talking about these things but unsure how to pursue a discussion without the presence of my friends.

I used to scratch down poems and stories some years back but stopped due to life taking twists & turns out of my control and I’m a stickler for routine and despise unexpected change. Things seem to have settled, for the moment at least. So here I am.

what blog for:
Archiving whatever I happen to write, a handful of blog-ish stuff, life-events and the like. Mostly venting at this point in my life though going forward or ruminations on issues I may have, pointless or thought-provoking is up to you.

There are some posts from my past I may wish to delete or leave as a reminder for myself. Not entirely certain yet, but anything else is fair game.

what i do:
Whatever may please you, friendo! Comment, critique… All’s fair. My only request would be if I do happen to write something semi-decent, don’t claim it as your own.


be kind,

Hello again guys, fancy seeing me here again so soon! 😛

So this is the most [personal] blog updates I’ve ever posted consecutively since MSN Spaces was absorbed into the WordPress site way-back-when, and I feel like I’m kind of getting used to it, albeit a bit slowly, I’ve never been good at talking about myself because honestly I just feel like I’m not that interesting or worthy but I appreciate you all sticking with me…

IN ANY CASE! Continuing in the personal vein — because I have noticed there are those of you who actually ‘like’ these posts, which actually makes me feel incredibly relieved and happy, so it’s long overdue but thank you very much! ^^

The 29th was my birthday, 25 years old now I can’t believe it almost haha, I had a really nice time thank you! My family all came over and we spent the day together just chatting & having a laugh, some food & drink, it was good. I got a bottle of Jim Beam and a book if anyone is interested in what I got, haha! Photos were indeed taken, some more embarrassing than others as you would expect, we even had cake — Banana cake with yoghurt frosting, yum! And yet despite all this, in the days leading up to it, I honestly didn’t want to do anything or for anyone to visit or even anything to be given to me because I just saw it as a hassle I couldn’t be bothered with. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or if I’m just ‘over’ birthdays or what it may be, but it really got me down… Grrr… Nevertheless it was a really good day and after it was over I’m stoked I took a chance and didn’t shut myself away… so YAAAY! \(^u^)/

What else happened~… OH! I helped my sister Kelli with her boyfriends’ tuition fees and that cheered me up to no-end! Haha, seeing her so happy and relieved just really made my day, she couldn’t stop saying thank you, I was happy to help them both out of a stressful situation, I know how important education is, these days even more so.

I think that’s it for another update Haha, thank you for reading this and I will post again soon. As always, here’s a little something for your trouble. It’s a special gif I thought you’ll like. Click here for teh cuteness! 😀

Peace guys and gals!

Hello there guys! It’s been a while!

So I’m gonna start this with an apology haha, stuff’s just been going on and I’ve really not been feeling like doing anything or writing or even living to be perfectly honest and it feels atrocious and I’m sorry. Let’s see, where to start, hmmm…

My parents have split up after 33 years of marriage. Admittedly it wasn’t domestic bliss with 3 disabled kids to look care for but they did their best. Now though, there’s just been too much stress and things I won’t go into here but now my mum and I are living in yet another house in a lovely little coastal town in Fife. Silver lining.

What else… Hmm~… I suppose a lot of things are tied into getting settled at this new house right now, haha! Just been trying to get settled since we moved in, unnecessary housework, the rest of the house is finished, just not my room, because yeah! Priorities! 😛 On the other hand though I’m actually just really tired of everything, living with her she doesn’t realize how much unneeded stress she is pushing on me after the separation, I am not a replacement for the man who is no longer with her. I’m not some handy-man-do-it-all that she can boss around and I’m not gonna get into this here lol my own problems are my own.

Okay so I’m a bit stressed about everything, more than I’m admitting… Sshhh… xD

I just wanted to update you chaps and chapettes who follow my blog and read what I write. I hope you all have been having a somewhat better existence than this lump of tenderized Scottish meat haha!

Here’s to hopefully another more positive blog in the future!

Have a nice day peeps! Here’s a nice picture to carry you on your way!




Pushing Daisies though….. Such an incredible show almost destroyed by the greed of dipshits wanting a bit more money…



The 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike cost us two episodes of Breaking Bad. Also, for 100 days, thousands of talented writers behind our favorite shows were without jobs, but mostly: IT COST US TWO EPISODES OF BREAKING BAD. The A.V. Club recently took a look back at the strike’s influence on the show:

The story goes that Aaron Paul’s character on Breaking Bad was destined to meet a grisly end in the ninth episode of the first season. But the 2007 WGA strike got in the way, cutting off production at seven episodes (six of an intended eight after the pilot). In the intervening time between seasons, Vince Gilligan changed his mind…Though the story makes for great dinner-party fodder, it has been blown far out of proportion. Gilligan and the actors like to trump it up as a great joke on a panel, but the fact…

View original post 677 more words

What if… Every time you clicked ‘Skip Ad’ on a YouTube video, that it still counted as revenue towards it?

Here’s a picture of a pretty landscape to help you get through this dredge.
I apologize for seeming whiny in this blog chaps. I need to vent.



So, I woke up this morning feeling like it’s just gonna be one of those days where things are going constantly wrong. True enough it started thunder-storming like a madman with an incontinence problem, I was grumping so badly at my girlfriendlady that I just wanted to curl up and sew my mouth closed or something. I felt so bad. :/

It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that she puts up with me and is there for me, especially with all the shit I’m going through right now with my parents and moving house again for the literally 7th time in 5 years. The stress has been building so much over that time, my Mother fell ill with Shingles and has been driving me into the ground with her ridiculous standards of cleanliness and getting stuff done, I tried telling her to chill out and that absolutely essential stuff would come first but no sooner were those words out my mouth that she seemed to forgot I said them.

She has gotten a lot better as of late which is great but I wish she’d relax some more… In other news! My sisters Fiancée graduated from St Andrews this past June and now officially has her doctorate in bio-engineering (if I recall correctly), so we are all incredibly proud of her, 8 years of studying and experiments leading all to this! 🙂

I, myself, however, have just been trundling along attempting to keep my grip on things as I get from day-to-day right now, not such an easy task I’m finding, but managing somehow which I’m proud of. I thought I would have lost my mind years ago haha…

Anyway guys I shall let you get back to what you were doing, if you read this far, I thank you for your time and patience and I will update my blog again soon.

Thanks again and I hope you’re all having at least a better day than I am. 😛

The day draws nearer! I am finally in possession of enough money to upgrade my PC! It shall be a grand day full of bouncy and jiggly bits and yummy munchyness and all sorts… <_< …. Don’t judge me pls… >_>

I’ve been looking forward to this for months now but my money kept getting blown by special occasions, holidays & such, not that I mind! Just to be clear haha my family & friends are important to me so naturally I’m gonna get them stuff or take them out for dinner or drinks. It’s one of my favourite things to do actually, pity it doesn’t happen more often but then I’d be stone broke!

Speaking of gifts actually, I have gleefully spent my morning looking out presents for my parents’ birthday on the 11 of April aaaaaaand oh boy, let me tell you, they will be surprised at what I found, as usual! I pride myself on finding the unusual and the unorthodox, it’s my style of gift-giving, they’re able to say ‘Oh that’s definitely from Connor!’ haha I love that so much.

If you’re looking for a weird or cool gift for a loved one then here are a couple of links to get you started! 🙂

Happy hunting! And to everyone else, have a fabulous day!
Till next time.